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hey guys - NEW strip on dem mondays mornings...

...welcome back, hope you all had a great turkey day. Today's NEW strip is up - enjoy and i'll see ya on thursday :D




New Strips every Mondays and Thursdays (click pic below)

18 Years of RPG Blues

18 years of RPG Blues…wow, has it been that long? Its sure been a hell of a ride though, from the creation of the site back in 97’, to having my strips published in Dragon Magazine and Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine, as well as two compilation books published by Wingnut games. But, most importantly, you guys. If it wasn’t for you taking the time to come by week after week and checking out my little comic strip, it would have never had made it this far.
Thank you one and all and here’s to another 18 years of silly mirth and mayhem!
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  • RPG Blues Volume Two

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